How To Fix Amazon Prime Video Error 9074 On Roku

amazon prime video error 9074 on roku

If you spend a lot of time binge-watching on amazon prime through Roku then you must be aware of the Amazon prime video error 9074 on Roku, that has been resurfacing these days. And there has been no announcement made as to why this error is occurring. ever since this was reported to the Amazon prime support team, they have just said that it is a technical issue which will be resolved shortly. But this error still occurs and this has not been solved yet.

Why Does Amazon Prime Video Error 9074 On Roku occurs

This error has affected a lot of people who watch Amazon prime on their roku devices, as to know why this is happening, we conducted an investigations and here the reasons we think are causing the problem.

service outage

It happens quite frequently when Amazon prime undergoes service outage like other streaming apps. service outage happens when some of the amazon services are not available in a particular geographic area. This is an issue that occurs in their server and there is nothing you can do to fix this except being patient and waiting for it to fix.

Technical issues

it is something which we have no control on and is due to some issue in the company’s servers. like the previous reason there is nothing you can do to solve this except waiting for it get fixed

Roku in error state

If you are watching amazon prime through a Roku device then it is quite common for error 9074 to occur. You can easily fix this by unregistering your Roku and then streaming Amazon Prime.

Shared internet

it is not common for amazon prime video error 9074 to occur due to shared internet. If you have enough bandwidth but if you encounter this you can try disconnecting all the devices that are sharing the same internet as your Roku device.

Proxies or VPN

If you use VPN to get access to channels or content not available in your area then this might be the reason you are getting amazon prime video error-9074.

Issue with the channels

if you use Roku to stream amazon prime then might be an issue with the configuration of the channels. resetting your channels will solve the problem if this is the reason you are facing amazon prime video error-9074 on Roku.

How to fix amazon prime video error-9074 on Roku

Now that you know what is the reason behind the occurrence of this error, it is easy to solve it and get back to binge-watching your favourite shows on amazon prime. There are different ways by which you can solve amazon prime video error-9074 on Roku.

Power cycling your device

power cycling is the act of turning off a device and then turning it back on. this makes sure that the temporary configurations haves been erased and default configurations have been restored. this usually solves a lot of problems, not only with Roku devices but with numerous devices. Follow these simple steps to power cycle your roku device.

  1. turn off your roku device properly
  2. now press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds
  3. release the power button and let the device be for at least 10 minutes
  4. switch on your device and open Amazon prime to check if error 9074 has been resolved.

Check if you are the only one

before you do anything else, you should first check if you are the only one who is facing this problem. If not then there is nothing you can do to resolve the issue because there is nothing wrong at your end and probably the servers are under maintenance. You can check on various websites like Reddit and amazon forums you are the only one facing this problem. you can easily check on forums like down detector.

Resetting channels on your device

if you stream amazon prime through a Roku device then you must have added amazon prime as a channel. This means there can be something wrong with the configuration of the channel. as to solve this you can reset your channel by removing it once, restarting the device and installing it again. follow the steps given to reset the channel on your Roku device.

  1. go to the roku channel store and search for prime video
  2. Click on the channel options and remove the channel
  3. after you are done removing the channel, restart your device.
  4. now go to the Roku channel store and search for prime video
  5. install the app on your Roku device and launch it

check if the issue has resolved, if not, check other solutions listed in this article.

Remove VPN or proxy

As I mentioned earlier if you use VPN or proxy to access channels or content not available in your area then this might be the reason you are facing amazon prime video error 9074. try disabling VPN or proxy services that you use as they do hinder amazon prime services on your Roku device. To resolve this issue remove the VPN services you are using and check if the issue is solved. If you are using a public network then switch to your private network and check if the problem still persists. If you want to have access to more content then you can easily get it by using Kodi on your Roku device.


if your issues still dot get solved then kindly contact Amazon prime support staff and tell them what problem you are facing. make sure you tell them what specific error you are facing, amazon prime video error-9074 on Roku in this case. if you face another error like RGE 1001 then you can easily solve it.

How To Fix Roku Error Code RGE-1001

Roku error code RGE-1001

Roku error code RGE 1001 usually occurs when there is a connectivity issue with spectrum app on your device. it is a connectivity issue which can have different reasons to occur, if you face Roku error code RGE-1001 on your Roku device it can keep you from watching the live content spectrum has to offer. if you are a Roku owner then you probably know what spectrum and what it does but for people who don’t know what spectrum app is or what it does, go on and read this article further.

What is Spectrum App on Roku?

Spectrum app on Roku allows you to watch live TV through your Roku device. You can use this app with different platforms like mobiles, laptops, streaming devices etc. There are almost 300 live channels available on this app. this app is perfect for people who like to live in the moment.

What Is Roku Error Code RGE-1001

Roku error code-1001 occurs due to connectivity issues, it can occur due to poor internet connection or because of anything that is preventing the client device from connecting to the spectrum servers. This issue doesn’t only occur on Roku devices but it can occur on any device you are streaming Roku on like your mobile phone or your PC. If you ever run into this problem then you will be unable to gain access to all the services spectrum has to offer you. The first thing you can do to fix error code-1001 is checking if your internet is connected to your Roku device or not. Try reconnecting the internet and then try to access spectrum on your Roku device.

How To Fix Roku Error Code RGE-1001

if you cant fix this issue by trying the method mentioned above,then try these three ways to get it fixed.

Uninstall The Spectrum App

If you face this problem, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again, here is how you can do it:

  1. go to the Roku home screen
  2. open Roku channel store
  3. locate the spectrum app and remove it
  4. select “remove channel” to uninstall the app from your Roku TV
  5. reinstall roku app on your device.
  6. before reinstalling make sure you roku account is activated and you have an active internet connection.
  7. now go to the Roku channel store and search for spectrum app and install it

Wait For It To Resolve

This is not a method or a trick by which you can solve Roku error code RGE-1001. If whatever is wrong with the app is not your fault but is an issue from the other end which is server-side then there is practically nothing you can do to fix it. Spectrum’s development team is most probably aware of the issue and is trying to fix it. The only thing you can do in these cases is to wait for the storm to pass and be patient.

Contact Spectrum’s Support

People who faced Roku error code RGE-1001 got it resolved by restting their accounts. if you want to opt for this method to solve the issue then this is how you can do it.

  1. contact spectrum’s support team (
  2. tell them about the issues you are facing, make sure you tell them the specific error you encountered.
  3. ask the representative to reset your account, they will delete your account and rebuild it from scratch.

Getting your account rebuilt from scratch can come to you as an inconvenience but it is better than not having access to all the live channels.


Don’t worry if you do not get this issue resolved. It will get fine once you contact the support staff. They will most likely try to fix the issue or give you a solution to fix it yourself. If you love watching live TV then you can jailbreak Roku with Kodi to gain access to other exciting services.

How To Install CBS All Access On Roku

CBS all access on roku

If you are a star trek fandom then you probably know what CBS all access on Roku is. It offers original shows like star trek: Discovery and a brand new show called star trek: Picard. This app is a streaming home to many original shows and original content, it also covers live news, sports, weather and many special events like Grammy awards. But for those who don’t know what this app is all about, here is an overview.

What is CBS all access?

CBS all access is a paid video streaming platform available on many streaming devices like Roku. It offers original content which is not available on any other platforms like “The good fight” and “The twilight zone”. This app is not available on cable services and is directly offered to the customer to cut the cost.

Viewing Plans Offered By CBS All Access:

Roku CBS all access offers two plans to their customer. if you hate watching commercials midst your favourite movie is on then you can choose the $9.99 plan, you also get on-demand shows with this plan however commercials will still be there with live TV or if you are okay with some commercials then you can choose the $5.99 plan, you will still have to pay state taxes if applicable.

Install CBS All Access on Roku:

if you are a Roku owner you can easily watch CBS all access on your TV by installing it on your TV through Roku channel store. Follow these simple steps and enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows on your TV.

  1. Go to your Roku channel store and download CBS all access (it’s free)
  2. Open the downloaded app on your Roku device
  3. open settings displayed on the top right of your screen
  4. there must be an option of signing in manually or with a code
  5. if you choose sign-in manually then enter your login details and press enter for accessing it
  6. if you decide on signing in by entering a code then visit the given website on your browser (  ) and enter the code given by CBS all access in the browser and press confirm.


Now that you have CBS all access on your Roku device you can enjoy watching Star Trek and all the shows you like. It doesn’t matter how you decide to log in whether manually or by using a code this is how you can install it on your Roku device. Enjoy watching all the original content, you can also jailbreak Roku to stream third-party apps and all the additional content they offer.

How to Jailbreak Firestick in 2020

Amazon firestick is one of the most popular internet streaming devices available in the market today. If you don’t know what a firestick does then a firestick lets you stream media on your TV with the help major media streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix etc. users are really happy with its performance and usually opt for the firestick, but an important question that usually arises if a firestick can be jailbroken. The answer is yes it can be jailbroken and it is really simple. The most common method of jailbreaking a firestick is by installing a third-party app called Kodi, you can even jailbreak Roku with kodi. 

firestick jailbreak
Firestick Jailbreak

Why Do People Jailbreak Firestick 

Jailbreaking is an act of hacking a device to let it download a third-party app  to stream content. People tend to jailbreak their firestick to stream content through third-party apps and add ons but it is not as difficult as it sounds, it is actually quite simple to jailbreak a firestick, another question that usually arises is if it is legal to jailbreak a firestick and the answer is yes it is legal and safe to jailbreak a firestick as long as you are not streaming any content which is copyrighted, pirated or unauthorized. It is safe because you are not making any major changes in the operating system of your device you are just changing some settings of your device, it is not at all like hacking or jailbreaking an IOS device.

How to Jailbreak a Firestick 

It is not that difficult to jailbreak a firestick but it does involve a lot of steps so keep up:

1.       Open the home screen of your firestick

2.       Hover over to the settings 

3.       Select my fire TV and go to the developer options

4.       Enable the ABD debugging option

5.       Also, enable apps from unknown sources 

6.       Doing this will give you a prompt, select turn on to let the firestick download apps 

7.       Go to the settings window again and select preferences

8.       Open privacy settings

9.       Disable the “device usage data” and “collect app usage data” to jailbreak your firestick

10.   Go to preferences again by just pressing the back button once

11.   Now go to data monitoring and turn it off

Jailbreaking means installing third-party apps to stream content and as to download a third-party app that is not available in the Amazon app store, you will have to download another app that will let you download the third-party app. The app which will let you download the third-party app is called downloader. Follow these steps to download downloader on your firestick 

  • Go to the home screen of your firestick 
  • Go to the search feature and type in downloader 
  • Downloader app will be shown now 
  • Download it and wait for it to download on your firestick successfully 
  • Install the app and open it 
  • There you will see some space given for you to type in a link


You can type in the link of the app you want to download, once downloaded you just need to give that app the permission to run on your firestick, from there you can install add ons to stream content on your firestick.

How to install Kodi on Roku in 2020

Why do you need to install Kodi on Roku?

Roku streaming device is one of the most popular devices in the market as it offers easy and convenient usage, various services or apps but one set back to this service is that it is a closed system software which means third-party apps can not be installed on the device. Here you will learn how to install kodi on roku.

What does Kodi do?

Kodi is an application most Roku users want to have access to, it runs on most of the platforms or operating systems and offers various services

Kodi basically acts as a home theatre hub but it also has other uses too as it is an open system software it offers its users to access applications that are not otherwise accessible. It also lets you customize your device and you can design it as you like. Kodi can help you stream many channels and stream free movies and TV shows, be it some sports broadcast or some music podcast. 

Install kodi on roku, roku jailbreak and install kodi

Is it possible to jailbreak Roku?

Technically, it is not possible to jailbreak Roku as it is closed system software and does not allow the user to download third-party apps on your device unlike fire-stick which is open system software and lets you access third-party apps but you work around and find some ways to stream content on your Roku device.

1.       Cast Kodi to Roku 

Make sure your Roku device is capable of screen mirroring or casting and update your Roku device with its latest update. Make sure you have a Kodi compatible device like a smartphone or a personal computer provided with 3D GPU chip on the hardware end, or a well suited operating system 

Install Kodi on the device you are going to cast from and look for latest updates, if it is already updated then you are good to go 

  • Go to the home screen of your Roku device 
  • Go to the settings and enable screen mirroring 
  • Make certain that both your Roku device and the device you are going to cast from are Wi-Fi enabled
  • Cast the device on your Roku device
  • Now you can easily use Kodi and enjoy streaming great content 

2.       Use an HDMI cable

The only difference between this method and the prior one is that the prior one casts virtually using Wi-Fi but here we will use an HDMI cable to cast from an additional device. All you need to do is a Roku device, additional device (PC or smartphone) and an HDMI cable. You may not be able to connect your phone to your  Roku device with cable because phones don’t offer the port required to connect, you might need some other cable or adapter to do this or you can connect your Roku device with your Pc. Follow these simple steps to stream content on your Roku device.

  • Make sure your Roku device is updated with the latest update
  • Ensure that Kodi is installed on your additional device
  • Your Roku device and your additional device are connected with each other with the help of HDMI cable
  • Add Roku as a device on your operating system and enjoy the whole new array of entertainment media. 

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How to Jailbreak Roku TV Stick in 2020

Roku tv or stick is a portable device that lets you watch movies and TV shows on your tv with the help of various channels also called apps. You can watch Netflix,  youtube,  amazon, etc. it is the most popular content streaming device in the market but the real question is how to jailbreak Roku? Firesticks are common in the market too but what is the difference between Roku and firestick. Well, the Roku streaming device does not allow you to download apps that are not available in the app store but the firestick lets you do that, which means it is easy to jailbreak firestick.

Can you jailbreak Roku? 

you cannot jailbreak Roku streaming device as unlike firesticks, you can not sideload apps on any Roku device since it has a closed system software. But there are some ways by which you can stream content on your Roku device and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. 

Why Kodi is appropriate for Roku? 

As I mentioned earlier you can not jailbreak Roku which means you can not stream third-party apps on your Roku device and it can not install apps written in c/c++ and Kodi is one of them but then why is Kodi appropriate for Roku? Because it lets you stream different kinds of media like movies, TV shows, etc and you can enjoy this content on your TV by screen mirroring it. Kodi is also very customizable and supports third-party apps and add ons. 

Method 1: Jailbreak Using Screen Mirroring or Casting 

Screen mirroring or casting is the easiest way of them all as you are not jailbreaking Roku you are just streaming content through your phone or PC. Here is how you can turn screen mirroring on your Roku device:

  • Go to the settings of your Roku device and select system 
how to jailbreak roku, Can roku jailbreak, kodi on roku
  • Tap on the screen mirroring option 
screen mirroring on roku, roku jailbreak using android, roku jailbreak using iphone, roku jailbreak using windows
  • You will be shown three options now: always allow, prompt and never allow 
how to jailbreak roku, Can roku jailbreak, roku jailbreak using iphone, roku jailbreak using windows
  • The functions of the three options are as follows:
  • Always allow- will not ask you before connecting your Roku with any other device 
  • Prompt- will ask your permission before connecting your Roku device to any other device 
  • Never allow- will never connect your Roku with any other device
how to jailbreak roku, Can roku jailbreak, kodi on roku, screen mirroring on roku, roku jailbreak using android, roku jailbreak using iphone, roku jailbreak using windows
  • I would recommend opting for prompt and now you can connect your device to your TV 

Screen Mirroring Using Android 

To stream content on your Roku device through your android phone enable the screen mirroring option on your Roku by following the steps mentioned above. Now follow these steps to stream content from your android phone 

If you  have Roku already installed on your phone ignore first three steps:

  • Open play store and search for Kodi 
  • Install Kodi on your device 
  • Give it permission to access media on your phone
  • Open the app 
  • Now enable screen mirroring on your phone 
  • Go to setting and go to wireless display although settings might differ in android versions 
  • Look for the cast as an option and enable it
  • Now select the Roku device and connect both of the 
  • Now you can open Kodi and watch anything you like on your Roku TV 

Screen Mirroring Using Windows 

Follow these steps to download Kodi on your PC and if you have it downloaded on your system already then ignore the first five steps and proceed to the next steps to learn how you can stream content from your pc.

  • Open any web browser on your PC and search
  • Select the download option on the top right corner of your screen and begin the downloading process
  • Now select Windows as your platform
  • Select your Kodi installer like windows store/installer 
  • The download process will begin momentarily and when done commence the installation process by double-clicking on the downloaded file 
  • Now give it the permission to get installed on your system and click on I agree
  • Now select a file directory to install Kodi on your PC
  • Select finis to finish the process
  • As to enable screen mirroring on your PC go to control panel and choose a project from the list of options displayed there
  • Select add a wireless display to connect your system to your Roku device 
  • Choose to start mirroring your screen to stream content from your PC 

Screen Mirroring Using iPhone/IOS

While it is quite easy to jailbreak Roku with android devices it can be a little complicated with IOS devices but you can still do with IOS, you can screen mirror on your Roku device and stream content with Kodi. But the real question is how will you get Kodi on your iPhone? The answer is quite simple; there are two ways by which you can do it.

If your iPhone is jailbroken 

You can get Kodi from Cydia which is the app store for jailbroken ios devices but you will have to follow a few steps to add on a new source. Follow these easy steps to get Kodi on your mobile 

  • Make sure your ios device is jailbroken
  • Now open the Cydia on your home screen 
  • Go to the sources on the home screen of Cydia
  • Select edit and then select add 
  • Type in this URL as it is:
  • Select all packages and then select Kodi-ios 
  • Install it on your device and then tap confirm 
  • When it is done, Kodi icon will appear on your home screen 

If your iPhone is not jailbroken 

If you can jailbreak your iPhone, it is better to do it because installing Kodi on a jailbroken is way easier and reliable than doing it on an iPhone which is not jailbroken, installing Kodi on an iPhone which is not jailbroken is considered experimental so it is strongly recommended to do it on a jailbroken iPhone, anyway if you want to try this method then make certain that you have Xcode 7 or higher, ios app signer and MAC OS X 10.9 or higher also install the latest stable Kodi build and have it at the move.  Now follow these steps to install Kodi on your iPhone.

  • Make  a new ios project on Xcode
  • Put in a unique name “Kodi”
  • Select fix issue when an error window appears
  • It will ask you to sign in or create your apple developer account 
  • Sign in or create your apple developer account 
  • Choose a developer team
  • Select ok and go back to the main Xcode screen
  • Plugin your ios device
  • Go to the product option
  • Select a destination and choose the device
  • You might have to sign in your apple developers account, do it if asked
  • Open, ios app signer and select the input file (.deb file) the signing certificate and provisioning profile 
  • Select start and put in a unique name for the signing file
  • Open Xcode, go to the windows and select devices
  • Choose your device and click on the + sign 
  • Choose the file generated by the ios app singer 
  • Kodi will be available on your iPhone in a while 

Now that you know how to install Kodi on your iPhone, we will now jailbreak Roku  with iPhone 

  • Make certain that Roku screen mirroring is properly set up 
  • Be sure that your Roku TV is all set to receive data
  • Ensure that you have installed Roku on your ios device
  • Download an app called official Roku app for ios 
  • Select the play on Roku option on your official Roku app
  • open Kodi and choose a movie of your choice to stream on your Roku tv

So now you can easily jailbreak your roku tv stick using iphone / IOS.

Method 2: Jailbreak without screen mirroring

Here is how you can do it.

There is not a lot of methods to jailbreak Roku as technically it is not possible because it has a close system software which I mentioned earlier but you can jailbreak Roku with the help of plex which is the best alternative to Kodi.

Jailbreak Roku using plex by following these simple steps 

  • Go to the home screen of your Roku device.
  • Now scroll down and select search and search for plex
  • Now select plex-stream free movies and TV 
  • Add it as a channel now 
  • Wait for your Roku device to install plex
  • Press OK
  • Go to plex and click options
  • Move plex at the front of the app list and launch it
  • Open plex and sign in
  • Remember or note down the activation code displayed on the screen
  • Launch the browser on any device and type in the activation code
  • Once account linked message appears to go back to plex on your Roku device
  • Select the preferred server and click continue
  • Customize the navigation panel and select finish
  • Now select plex media server
  • Select movies and enjoy it! 

So now you can easily jailbreak your Roku tv without screen mirroring and enjoy your favorite tv shows or movies on your tv.

Benefits Of Jailbreaking Roku Device 

There are many benefits of jailbreaking Roku that you didn’t know about, here are some benefits you get if you jailbreak Roku

  • You can easily install third-party software
  • Stream movies and tv series for free
  • Enjoy apps that were not allowed previously on your Roku device
  • You can customize the device that is not possible without jailbreaking
  • You can install unauthorized apps


It is true that a Roku device can not be jailbroken but with the help of Kodi, you can still stream media on your Roku TV, through screen mirroring you share the content on your additional device with your TV and this is how you watch movies and TV shows on your Roku device. This method works with almost all models of Roku. Jailbreaking methods given above works on Roku express, Roku premiere, Roku streaming stick, Roku ultra.