How To Fix Spectrum RLP-999 On Roku

Spectrum RLP-999 on Roku

If you love streaming content on your Roku TV then I guess it is not rare for you to encounter errors. The channels or apps you like to stream your favourite content from can show various errors like DirecTV now error 60, Netflix error code UI 122, Roku error-1001. But the error we are going to talk about is Spectrum RLP-999 on Roku. People usually encounter this error code while streaming content on platforms like Spectrum TV.

what is spectrum?

Spectrum TV is an American over the internet entertainment channel. It allows its users to stream different media. Spectrum TV is available for its users on the Roku device so that they could enjoy watching content that the app offers conveniently on their TVs. Spectrum TV offers a package for $14.99 per month which gives you all cable channels you have been watching with the cable connection. It offers weather, news, entertainment and much more.

Unlike other streaming services spectrum does not offer individual movies and TV shows. It offers what you used to watch on your cable connection. It offers more channels with way less fee for what you used to pay for your cable connection.

what causes Spectrum RLP-999 on Roku?

Spectrum RLP-999 on Roku indicates connectivity issues. To be very specific connectivity issues means your device is unable to connect to spectrum TV’s servers.

How to fix Spectrum RLP-999 on Roku

Spectrum TV support generally advises waiting through it. they ask its viewers to wait till it gets solved. If you want to do something to solve this problem there are some things you can do to resolve this error. Follow these guidelines given below to resolve this error.

  1. restart your device by switching off your Roku device and disconnecting it from your TV. Wait for a few minutes and connect it again. Switch your Roku device and open Spectrum TV and check if the problem has been resolved.
  2. check your internet to see if it is working properly. If not then this might be the reason you are seeing error RLP-999 while streaming Spectrum TV.
  3. restart your router by switching it off and unplugging it. wait for a few minutes and plug it in. Switch it on and wait for it to connect to your device. Open Spectrum TV and check if the problem is still persisting.

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