How To Fix Roku Network Error Code 014

Roku Network Error Code 014

Roku network error code 014 this error occurs on your Roku device it means that your device is having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi. And you know Roku is highly dependent on the Wi-Fi to run properly. The Roku has such software that downloads the latest updates automatically but at times it fails to do it automatically and this may indicate that your Roku device is unable to get its updates from the software server. this might be the reason you are having this issue.

what causes Roku network error code 014

  1. the wi-fi information you added to your Roku device to connect it to the wi-fi is wrong and that is why your Roku device is unable to connect to the Wi-fi
  2. The router is kept too far away from the Roku device and that is why it can not catch the wifi signals and hence is not able to connect to the wi-fi
  3. this error may occur if your operating system needs to be rebooted.
  4. it can also arise if you are using the wrong IP address
  5. your system is not updated and it needs to be updated this may lead to other errors like error 011

how to fix Roku network error code 014

Disabling network pings

Disabling pings can help you fix this problem really quickly. Follow these steps to disable pings on your Roku device.

press the home button 5 times,fast forward button once, play button once, rewind button once, press the play button once again and finally press fast forward button one last time. Doing his lead to the platform-secret screen. here you will see an option called disable network pings, choose network disable option and go back to continue the roku setup process.

updating software

as I mentioned earlier Roku network error code 014 may arise due to your device not being updated. to update your device press the home button 5 times, fast forward button three times and rewind button twice. doing this will lead you to the secret screen check your IP address which should not be anything like navigate to the update software option and start the update. this will automatically restart your Roku device.


This error is quite easy to solve and you will definitely find all your answers in this article. if you encounter other errors like Netflix error UI 122 or Amazon prime video error code 9074. if somehow you are unable to find a solution to this error contact Roku support for more guidance.

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