How To Fix Roku Error Code RGE-1001

Roku error code RGE-1001

Roku error code RGE 1001 usually occurs when there is a connectivity issue with spectrum app on your device. it is a connectivity issue which can have different reasons to occur, if you face Roku error code RGE-1001 on your Roku device it can keep you from watching the live content spectrum has to offer. if you are a Roku owner then you probably know what spectrum and what it does but for people who don’t know what spectrum app is or what it does, go on and read this article further.

What is Spectrum App on Roku?

Spectrum app on Roku allows you to watch live TV through your Roku device. You can use this app with different platforms like mobiles, laptops, streaming devices etc. There are almost 300 live channels available on this app. this app is perfect for people who like to live in the moment.

What Is Roku Error Code RGE-1001

Roku error code-1001 occurs due to connectivity issues, it can occur due to poor internet connection or because of anything that is preventing the client device from connecting to the spectrum servers. This issue doesn’t only occur on Roku devices but it can occur on any device you are streaming Roku on like your mobile phone or your PC. If you ever run into this problem then you will be unable to gain access to all the services spectrum has to offer you. The first thing you can do to fix error code-1001 is checking if your internet is connected to your Roku device or not. Try reconnecting the internet and then try to access spectrum on your Roku device.

How To Fix Roku Error Code RGE-1001

if you cant fix this issue by trying the method mentioned above,then try these three ways to get it fixed.

Uninstall The Spectrum App

If you face this problem, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again, here is how you can do it:

  1. go to the Roku home screen
  2. open Roku channel store
  3. locate the spectrum app and remove it
  4. select “remove channel” to uninstall the app from your Roku TV
  5. reinstall roku app on your device.
  6. before reinstalling make sure you roku account is activated and you have an active internet connection.
  7. now go to the Roku channel store and search for spectrum app and install it

Wait For It To Resolve

This is not a method or a trick by which you can solve Roku error code RGE-1001. If whatever is wrong with the app is not your fault but is an issue from the other end which is server-side then there is practically nothing you can do to fix it. Spectrum’s development team is most probably aware of the issue and is trying to fix it. The only thing you can do in these cases is to wait for the storm to pass and be patient.

Contact Spectrum’s Support

People who faced Roku error code RGE-1001 got it resolved by restting their accounts. if you want to opt for this method to solve the issue then this is how you can do it.

  1. contact spectrum’s support team (
  2. tell them about the issues you are facing, make sure you tell them the specific error you encountered.
  3. ask the representative to reset your account, they will delete your account and rebuild it from scratch.

Getting your account rebuilt from scratch can come to you as an inconvenience but it is better than not having access to all the live channels.


Don’t worry if you do not get this issue resolved. It will get fine once you contact the support staff. They will most likely try to fix the issue or give you a solution to fix it yourself. If you love watching live TV then you can jailbreak Roku with Kodi to gain access to other exciting services.

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