How to Solve Roku Error Code 014.62

Roku error code 014.62

It is common to encounter errors while streaming content online on Roku while you can encounter many errors on different channels. You can also encounter errors like Roku error code 014.62, Roku error code 014, Roku error code 018. But Roku error code 014.62 can be persistent again and again if there is some issue with the network signals. This error occurs when your network signals are not strong enough for your Roku device. There are many reasons why your signals are not strong enough for Roku. Some of them are given below.

  1. the way your house is made can affect the strength of the signals. If your walls are made which thick bricks or certain material. Then this can hinder the flow of the network signals.
  2. maybe your device is too far away from the range that your network signals are in.
  3. ever thought of why you have to switch off your phone on aeroplanes? It is because of the interference. The signals from your phone can interfere with the signals emitted by the device on the aeroplane. Similarly, if you are using too many devices at a time or you have a device like a microwave nearby then this can affect the signal strength.

these were some of the reasons which might be the cause of the occurrence of Roku error code 014.62. Read further to know how you can resolve this error.

How to Fix Roku Error Code 014.62

you can resolve the given error by trying some of these guidelines given below.

  1. check your signal strength by going to the settings of your device. select the network option and check if it is connected to a network.
  2. if your device is not connected to a wireless network connection then set up a new connection.
  3. when connected, there must be a message telling if your signal strength is poor, fair or excellent. If it is good then check to see if the problem has resolved.
  4. check if there is any interference between your device and the router
  5. if your router is placed in a small room or small space then change its position and try to steam from Roku to check if the error has resolved.
  6. reset the router by pressing the reset button available at the back of the router.


these are some do it yourself solutions that you can definitely try if you face errors while streaming content online on your Roku TV but if this doesn’t help then you should seek the help of professionals or contact Roku support for more guidance regarding this error.

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