How to Solve Roku Error Code 011

Roku error Code 011

If you are a new Roku owner then it is common for you to see Roku error Code 011 while the Softwares are getting updated. Generally, Roku gets updated automatically and does not need any manual labour. But sometimes while software gets updated this error is shown. This happens while updating Software when your device can not connect to the Roku servers for more information.

The failed software update can lead to the inability to play any content on Roku. So it becomes quite important for you to solve this error as soon as possible. The failed update can lead to more errors and hence no streaming on your Roku device.

How to fix Roku Error Code 011

If you are a new Roku owner then don’t worry. it is not a big deal to encounter errors like this or Roku error code 014.62, Roku error code 018, Roku error 020 etc. but there are solutions for all of them. there are some for this one too. Follow these guidelines given below to resolve the given error.

  1. The first way is to wait it out. It is sometimes better to wait for it to get solved because there isn’t much you can do about this error. So wait for a while probably a few minutes and check if your Roku device is updated.
  2. select try again and see if the update is happening. If not again wait for a while and select try again to start the update.
  3. you can check if there is any update by Roku support. Go to Roku support to check if their server is under maintenance or if it is down for users to update. If it is then you can not do anything about it except for waiting for it to get fixed.
  4. whenever an error occurs always check for ‘not connected’ written there. If it is written there then there can be some issue with your internet. Check your internet connection and then try again.
  5. if the issue is related to your home network then there will be some instructions given. Follow those instructions to resolve Roku error Code 011.

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