How To Fix Roku Error Code 020

Roku Error 020

Roku error 020 means that there is some trouble with HDCP. This problem arises when your Roku device discovers that your TV’s protection doesn’t match with the one it already has. But don’t worry if you ever encounter this problem because it can be solved pretty easily and in no time but before looking at the solutions you need to understand what this error means.

What is Roku error 020

HDCP stands for high-bandwidth digital content protection, and this protect the content that you stream on your Roku device not get copied or pirated. It is a type of DRM that reduces the chance of piracy and copying.

How to fix Roku error 020

To stop seeing this error again and again on your Roku device, simply follow the guidelines mentioned below. also, we have solutions if you are facing issues like Roku error code RGE 1001, Amazon prime video error 9074 or DirecTv error 60.

  1. check if the screen turns purple when you switch in your Roku device if it does it means there is an error with HDCP
  2. unplug the HDMI cable from your Roku device
  3. turn off your TV and unplug the other end of the HDMI cable connected to the TV
  4. detach the power cable of your TV
  5. now attach the HDMI cable as it was before and plug in the power cord of your TV
  6. attach your Roku device to your TV
  7. turn on your TV and Roku device and check if the problem has been resolved.

the possibility is that the error has been resolved if not try the following things mentioned below.

  1. attempt using a different HDMI input on your TV
  2. you can try using a different HDMI cable just to make certain that the one you are using is not faulty
  3. connect your Roku device with other TV if possible

I am sure this guide will help you solve this error and if not you can contact Roku support staff for more guidance at

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