How to Fix Netflix Error NW-8-17 on Roku

Netflix error NW-8-17 on Roku

If you love watching movies and TV shows on Netflix then it is not rare for you to see some errors. Especially if you like streaming content on Roku device it is more likely for this error to occur. This error indicates that your device is not able to connect to the Netflix servers to process data. Don’t worry if Netflix error NW-8-17 on Roku invaded the pleasure of watching your favourite movies and TV shows. This error can be solved easily if the issue is on your side. The issue is from the server then you don’t have any other option than waiting.

How to resolve Netflix Error NW-8-17 on Roku

Restart your device

This is the most common way to resolve any kind of error including prime video error code 9074, Netflix code UI 122 and Roku error code 018. It is also called power cycling your device. If you are watching Netflix on your Roku TV then switch off your Roku device and disconnect it from your TV. Wait for a while
(5 minutes at least) and then connect it again. Switch it on and open Netflix to check if it is working now.

Test your connection

Make sure your internet is running properly and is connected to your device. There are different ways to check if the internet is running properly on different devices. if you are using a Roku device then open another app, for example, Hulu and check if it’s working. If it is then there is no issue with your internet. But if it is not the reconnect your internet and try again.

Sign out

Sign out of Netflix and sign in again and check if it is working now. Follow the steps given below to sign out of Netflix.

  1. open netflix
  2. select the menu on the left side of the home screen
  3. select settings
  4. sign out of your device by selecting sign out
  5. select confirm

sign back in and check if the error has been resolved.

check your network

Some networks do not support streaming websites like Netflix. It is better to check if you are connected to such a network. These networks are usually available in schools, hospitals and malls.

If any of these methods don’t work and the error still persists then it is better for you to contact the Netflix support team to know what else you can try to solve this error.

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