How To Fix Netflix Error NW-2-5 On Roku

nw-2-5 netflix error on roku

Whenever you see Netflix error NW-2-5 on Roku it usually indicates a connectivity issue. it is one of the most common types of Netflix errors but it can also get quite difficult to solve this. this error tends to resurface again and again so it can be a little frustrating to get rid of. Netflix error NW-2-5 occurs when your Roku device is not able to connect to the internet properly or for some reason your device can not reach the Netflix server for you to stream content online.

how to solve Netflix error NW-2-5 on Roku

it is common to see errors like this, Roku error code 014 or Netflix code UI 122 when you try to stream content online on Netflix. but you don’t need to worry because have a solution for almost all the errors. you can try the following methods given below to resolve the said error.

limited internet access

first of all, whether the internet connection you are connected to gives you permission to stream content online especially content from video streaming platforms like Netflix and youtube. this kind of network connections is usually available in malls, hospitals, schools etc.

Check your internet connection

it is always a good idea to check if your internet is working properly whenever you face any kind of error. it not only help you determine if it is your internet which is at fault or there is some other reason but it also gives you a reason to look for another fault. there are many ways by which you can check if your internet is working or it is slow. you can open up any other app and check if your internet is working or you can check on online platforms like internet speed test

Restart your TV

This is one of the most versatile solutions of all. power cycling a device is the act of disconnecting the device and starting it again to disable the temporary configurations including the internet so that the device gets back its authentic configurations back.

switch off your TV and disconnect your Roku device and let it be for a while. after leaving your device for approximately 5-10 minutes connect it back. turn on your tv and open Netflix to check if the error resolved.

Restart your router

it is better to combine this method and the previous one for better results but it is okay if you try this alone. switch off your router and wait for a while. after a while switch it on and wait for it to be ready to connect. switch on your TV and connect it with the wifi and check if Netflix error NW-2-5 has resolved.


it is common to see errors if you like streaming content online and especially if you are a Roku owner. But don’t worry because most of the errors can be solved easily. but if you still face any trouble solving any kind of error then you should contact the support staff at

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