How to Jailbreak Firestick in 2020

Amazon firestick is one of the most popular internet streaming devices available in the market today. If you don’t know what a firestick does then a firestick lets you stream media on your TV with the help major media streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix etc. users are really happy with its performance and usually opt for the firestick, but an important question that usually arises if a firestick can be jailbroken. The answer is yes it can be jailbroken and it is really simple. The most common method of jailbreaking a firestick is by installing a third-party app called Kodi, you can even jailbreak Roku with kodi. 

firestick jailbreak
Firestick Jailbreak

Why Do People Jailbreak Firestick 

Jailbreaking is an act of hacking a device to let it download a third-party app  to stream content. People tend to jailbreak their firestick to stream content through third-party apps and add ons but it is not as difficult as it sounds, it is actually quite simple to jailbreak a firestick, another question that usually arises is if it is legal to jailbreak a firestick and the answer is yes it is legal and safe to jailbreak a firestick as long as you are not streaming any content which is copyrighted, pirated or unauthorized. It is safe because you are not making any major changes in the operating system of your device you are just changing some settings of your device, it is not at all like hacking or jailbreaking an IOS device.

How to Jailbreak a Firestick 

It is not that difficult to jailbreak a firestick but it does involve a lot of steps so keep up:

1.       Open the home screen of your firestick

2.       Hover over to the settings 

3.       Select my fire TV and go to the developer options

4.       Enable the ABD debugging option

5.       Also, enable apps from unknown sources 

6.       Doing this will give you a prompt, select turn on to let the firestick download apps 

7.       Go to the settings window again and select preferences

8.       Open privacy settings

9.       Disable the “device usage data” and “collect app usage data” to jailbreak your firestick

10.   Go to preferences again by just pressing the back button once

11.   Now go to data monitoring and turn it off

Jailbreaking means installing third-party apps to stream content and as to download a third-party app that is not available in the Amazon app store, you will have to download another app that will let you download the third-party app. The app which will let you download the third-party app is called downloader. Follow these steps to download downloader on your firestick 

  • Go to the home screen of your firestick 
  • Go to the search feature and type in downloader 
  • Downloader app will be shown now 
  • Download it and wait for it to download on your firestick successfully 
  • Install the app and open it 
  • There you will see some space given for you to type in a link


You can type in the link of the app you want to download, once downloaded you just need to give that app the permission to run on your firestick, from there you can install add ons to stream content on your firestick.

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