How to Fix DirecTV error 60 on Roku

DirecTV error 60 on Roku

DirecTV is an American satellite broadcast service provider. it is home to many other channels that its 21 million subscribers love to watch but recently most of them encountered Directv error 60 on Roku. people who stream DirecTV through their Roku device faced this problem more frequently. DirecTv error 60 means that too many people are streaming it through a single problem but people still encountered this problem even when they were streaming it solely.

This problem has persisted and was not solved when an official announcement was made on twitter that the error has been resolved and it won’t happen again. there were comments mentioning the problem still has not been solved. so what should do if Directv error 60 on Roku still persists and you can not watch any of your favourite channels? here are a few ways by which you can solve this error but there is no guarantee that this will work. Many people reported having the issue fixed after trying out these methods. You can try these methods to try and solve the Directv error 60 on Roku.

How to fix DirecTV error 60 on roku

There are certain ways by which you can resolve DirecTV error 60 on Roku. There are certain ways to solve another error like amazon prime video error code-9074 and Roku error code RGE-1001

power cycle your device

If you stream direcTV through a roku device then you can try power cycling your device to fix the persisting issues and error. power cycling is the process of shutting off a device and then switching it on again to alter the temporary configuration to the default configurations. in this case you will have to switch off your roku device and then starting it again. once you do it check if the problem still persists.

Uninstall and reinstall

if the problem still persists then you can uninstall directv from your roku device and install it again. this method usually helps solving issues and errors. follow these steps to try this method

  1. go to the Roku channel store and find DirecTV
  2. once you find it go to the channel options and remove it
  3. restart your device
  4. once it opens go to the channel store again and install DirecTV

check if the problem has solved

update your roku device

if your device is not up to date, DirecTV error 60 on Roku may occur now as to solve this will have to check for updates and if there is one you will have to update your Roku device to fix the error.

End one of the active streams

If more than two people are running the same account then ask them to end streaming media. This is the main reason error 60 arises. You can manage the subscription by going to the channel store and find DirecTV, go to the manage subscription option and cancel the subscription, this will help you remove all the subscriptions from all the devices you are logged into.

Reset your subscription password and see if the error is rectified.

Contact Support

At last, if nothing helps then you can contact the support staff of DirecTV at DicrecTv support to get a more accurate idea of what you should do.

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