How To Install CBS All Access On Roku

CBS all access on roku

If you are a star trek fandom then you probably know what CBS all access on Roku is. It offers original shows like star trek: Discovery and a brand new show called star trek: Picard. This app is a streaming home to many original shows and original content, it also covers live news, sports, weather and many special events like Grammy awards. But for those who don’t know what this app is all about, here is an overview.

What is CBS all access?

CBS all access is a paid video streaming platform available on many streaming devices like Roku. It offers original content which is not available on any other platforms like “The good fight” and “The twilight zone”. This app is not available on cable services and is directly offered to the customer to cut the cost.

Viewing Plans Offered By CBS All Access:

Roku CBS all access offers two plans to their customer. if you hate watching commercials midst your favourite movie is on then you can choose the $9.99 plan, you also get on-demand shows with this plan however commercials will still be there with live TV or if you are okay with some commercials then you can choose the $5.99 plan, you will still have to pay state taxes if applicable.

Install CBS All Access on Roku:

if you are a Roku owner you can easily watch CBS all access on your TV by installing it on your TV through Roku channel store. Follow these simple steps and enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows on your TV.

  1. Go to your Roku channel store and download CBS all access (it’s free)
  2. Open the downloaded app on your Roku device
  3. open settings displayed on the top right of your screen
  4. there must be an option of signing in manually or with a code
  5. if you choose sign-in manually then enter your login details and press enter for accessing it
  6. if you decide on signing in by entering a code then visit the given website on your browser (  ) and enter the code given by CBS all access in the browser and press confirm.


Now that you have CBS all access on your Roku device you can enjoy watching Star Trek and all the shows you like. It doesn’t matter how you decide to log in whether manually or by using a code this is how you can install it on your Roku device. Enjoy watching all the original content, you can also jailbreak Roku to stream third-party apps and all the additional content they offer.

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